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Ads on FaceBook

Maybe you have a large FaceBook following and you want to take your success to the next level by placing ads on FaceBook. Or perhaps you are just starting out and want to know the best way to make money or get leads by running ads on FaceBook. Leveraging your followings on Facebook is a great way to advertise your products or services. Taking it to the next level, you might consider placing Facebook ads which is a great way to generate addition money and prospects for your business.

If you already had experience with Google Adsense or other types of direct advertising, you will know that carefully researching your target market is essential. Targeted ads via Adsense and FaceBook can be incredibly effective ways to increase revenue or get well qualified leads. Do it wrong and you can quickly lose a bundle. Many people start the paid advertising arena by placing ads on Google, via Adwords. If you have, then you know the power of direct advertising towards your target market. It’s likely that you received a number of visitors who were searching for your particular keyword or phrase and may have obtained a list of qualified buyers, or even customers as a result.

Understand your Target Market

FaceBook demographic information is in some aspects better than that of Google Adsense. With FaceBook you can really drill down to exactly who your target audience is: location, age, sex, education, etc. These are known as demographic bins, and there are thousands of them. Take your time researching and use FaceBook Insight to help as you progress. One amazing aspect of Facebook advertising is the ability you have to focus like a laser in on your target audience. The fact that you can select users sex, age, eduction, location is all an amazing aspect to Facebook advertising that other advertising networks do not offer in quite as much detail. The more time you put into your demographic research the more likely you are to make significant progress in your Facebook advertising.

If you have a very good idea who your target audience is, you might want to employ automated bid software that has been designed specifically for helping FaceBook advertisers. More research will find the one that will work best for you. If your target market is already clearly defined in your mind, it might be a good idea to take a look at automated FaceBook ad bid software to optimize your campaign.

Create your FaceBook Ads

Creating effective ads is an art. It’ s a good idea to read up about creating banners. It is not difficult; you should know which colors to use and how to include your logo. Ads should be precise and contain just a few well-chosen words and one graphic. A lot of research has gone into creating effective advertisements. What words work, and what works don’t work are all well documented in books like, “Words That Sell”. But the truth is, creating a winning ad is as much an art as it is a science.|Advertising is a form of art. Creating a banner is vital to advertising, and it isn’t difficult, however, you should know what colors to use, how to place your logo, how big it should be, etc. The advertisements you make should be very “to-the-point,” a single graphic, and a few carefully chosen words.imagesCAOH7WIH


Hire a professional it will make all the difference if you can’ t do it yourself, and it’s a wise business investment. The quality of your ad will speak volumes about your business. Don’t risk losing your marketing dollars to a poorly written ad. A professional image, and ad, will speak great deal about the professionalism of your company. The quality of the advertisement will tell the world about your business in more ways than one, so make it count.

You should have a number of different ads, even if they have the same message. By rotating these ads you will give your visitor something different to look at if she returns often. You need to keep your FaceBook page exciting and interactive and you will want your visitors to share it with their friends.|Having a number of ads to choose from is good. Even if they all say the same thing, but in different ways. Circulate your ad displays through your ad variations, so they are not constantly exposed to the same ad and grow “blind eyes” from a lack of contrast. Effective advertisements have the ability to shake people out of apathy. Rotating the advertisements out with one another will keep your page fresh and new and will give your visitor something different to look at should they come back again. Keep your Facebook page as interactive and thrilling as possible – the people who see it then will want to share it with friends, and those friends will share with more friends. See where that could lead?

Click through rates are low on FaceBook so you must create eye-popping ads and keep changing them out.

If you would not  want to click on your own ad who else will?  Hey, make it sensational.

After you Put Ads on FaceBook ,once Your Advertisement is LIVE on FaceBook

Are You Watching Closely?

You should have already planned to spend about 30 minutes a day answering comments and creating new content for your FaceBook page. Part of that time should involve monitoring and you can learn a lot. You should have planned to spend about half an hour every day answering comments and creating new content for your FaceBook page or fan page. And when you use your time effectively a portion of it can go into learning more about the FaceBook marketing and looking carefully at the data you may discover there are other demographics visiting your page. This information will help you adjust and perhaps broaden the reach of your ads on FaceBook.

The other vital part of monitoring is to know how many leads you’ re getting, their quality and conversion rate, or how much product is selling and what your campaign is costing per sale. As you answer comments and engage your audience, you’ll know more about the unique thoughts of your audience and can help you to really fine-tune your ads.

Be sure to run your advertisements with some tracking software. Know how many clicks your getting, know how many clicks are converting to sales, and know if your advertising dollars are spent well or not. If you were going for a specific audience, but learned that a different kind of demographic is coming to your page, this is very valuable information. From there, you can rework your ads or broaden your reach of your advertisements on Facebook.

A large part of monitoring is knowing how many leads your obtaining from your advertisements, along with their quality and conversion rate. Should you be selling a product, you should be taking a look at how much your campaign is costing per sale.

Friends of Connections

The average FaceBook user has 130 friends, so if you have 130 followers  nearly 17000 people you could reach by targeting these friends of connections. Of course you are marketing to an audience which may not fit in with your specific demographics, so again its essential to monitor the results. This is a “shot gun” look, because your ad will cross the eyes of people that may, or may not match your target demographic. Keep in mind, however, that not all of them will be exactly the type of demographic you’ll be looking for, so it’s absolutely essential to monitor the results.

Furthermore, remember that the best place to begin your FaceBook advertising campaign is with cost per click, not cost per exposure.

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