Can You Really Make Big Money with Project Payday?

Here is fundamentally how Project Payday essentially works:project paydaySo here’s how it goes. You log on and join get a free bottle of the newest snake oil. This snake oil normally costs $100 a bottle, but all you have to pay is a shipping and handling charge of 5 greenbacks. All you have got to do is send me your bill and I will send you a check for perhaps $25, which covers your effort and time, which should also include the time you will take to cancel the automatic monthly cargo of your snake oil, if you don’t then, you will be billed for it.Great deal uh? You pay 5 dollars and get back $20 so you made $15 profit.The associate that referred you also makes a nice tiny check as the acne remedy company paid them a good commission to obtain a new sale. Seems like a great situation. Or are you scratching your head? 

Is Project Payday Ethical?

The above is an example of what‘s called incentivized marketing, and Project Payday is an internet course that shows you how to make royalties promoting cost per action offers in a similar way.

Not acquainted with CPA offers?These are often free or very cheap trial offers designed to get a company’s product, service or business opportunities into the hand of a new customer in the expectation of gaining extra a sales later on.


Have you ever seen any advertising banners that offer you iPods, Cash, or Laptops just to finish a survey?Those are called “Incentivized Freebies

Websites” or IFWs and are the guts of Project Payday trick model.

That‘s not to say you will not receive your free iPod after filling in a survey or checking boxes next to other associate offers that you are probably not particularly interested in anyway, but trust me there actually is a big catch.This is simply a route for the company to capture your personal info, and you might find that your acne remedy cream is being delivered every month and being billed to your Mastercard before you realize it we all know there‘s no such thing as free.


Naturally there may be folks that are genuinely interested in a certain service or product and naturally that is a different situation perhaps they really do need a once a month supply of acne cream!But this is an affiliate internet marketing scheme which essentially bribes you into completing an offer and then tells you can cancel it straight afterwards the company whose product it is, is getting cheated.


The referring affiliate and you both make money youre both happy so what’s bad with that? What is wrong is that the company is losing money because they‘re paying commissions to what amounts to fake customers who never had a real interest in their service. So is project payday moral, we’ll leave you to choose that for yourself. I think it depends completely on your personal morals and ethics and essentially boils down to what you think is right and what is wrong.

Amazingly, there are folks out there who do make 6 figure incomes only working part-time promoting these incentivized CPA offers. The difference being the way they promote those offers, with their marketing abilities they can attract individuals that are really inquisitive about a service. This model works extremely well when it is done in an ethical fashion by combining both the art and science of marketing and without cheating any person.

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Willy July 22, 2014 Affiliate Marketing