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Online content marketing People tend not to like to be sold, but they certainly like to get. And that s the income producing magic behind the concept of on the internet content marketing. By leading with value first (versus a sales pitch) you re giving people an opportunity to get. Let s start in the beginning. What is the internet, exactly? Take away all the fluff and bells and whistles and we find the internet is just a depository of information. An enormous library of information or huge phone book. To access the information people sit down and really sort in search phrase or even question. In other words, the internet runs on search and produces an outcome when people are actively searching. The aim of on-line content marketing is to get our content to rank on search so it may very easily be identified. Whilst the guidelines are consistently altering, right now all of the significant search engines have a tendency to favor internet sites, blogs and video websites which have plenty

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Willy September 21, 2014 Uncategorized