Google Changes G Mail Again!


Oh my goodness just when I thought I was on the yellow brick road, Google makes this sweeping change in Gmail.


Well this is what they will look like folks.




The new default categories, based on Gmail’s existing Label system, are Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates, and Forums. They

appear as  large tabs on the Gmail site, easy to use for touch screens and with  full customization. You can also drag-and-drop messages

between them,and Google will automatically “learn” how you want them filtered.


Well what will that mean you when you email your list, or new prospect.  In other words what will keep you money making email from

landing in a tab your prospect just won’t give the time of day.  Keep in mind this is new and exciting service Google will launch to

keep the business going as the number #1 mail provider worldwide.  People may like or hate, but that does nothing for saving your

front line access to your list.



Stepping up your game is in order now more than ever and finding creative ways to keep yourself in front of your prospect or

customer is changing in our time faster we think. So, I hope you have found value and have been prompted to action.



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Willy Legagneur


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Willy July 18, 2013 Email Marketing