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Everybody regardless of their backgrounds would love to see the world in some sense or another.  Once you got the experience of travelling to another place and experience the  pure pleasure of being comfortable and free miles away from home, that experience is priceless. On a budget or not there is a destination on this planet waiting for your very soul. There are as many ways to get to your dream destinations as there are places to visit.

Right now, I want to share my experience for joining World Ventures,  my wife and I are educators for the state and city where we live. Having vacation time is already build in our working schedule, for good reason. We love to vacation like birds love to fly, so needless to say we have been on quite a few and always looking to do more. Since were we got married 12 years ago we have done 10 cruises, repeated trips at least 41 of the U.S. states, with plans to visit Europe, Asia and Africa before drafting a bucket list.

Now traveling so often takes planning and catching the right deal in the beginning, so we got into Timeshares to leverage our money,entertainment and most important a great space to stay in. We also learned a few things alone the way  and after some time we had 3 timeshare spots. Why so many you ask , the first one we got in Mexico was on the weeks system, second was a points a system and the third was weeks with a referral program. Needless to say they offered a different package and we believed we could leverage our ability to fly and stay in the best resorts money could buy for the price we were paying for our memberships with these timeshares.

After a couple of years in we started to notice the money going out in cost for the puppies and the return was not matching up.  Even with the three properties and 2 different exchanges companies. Oh the exchange companies is critical here, because for any reason you did not or could not vacation at your home resort the exchange company for a fee in membership and additional fee for each exchange would take your time (weeks or points) and allow you to stay at another resort of equal size to your space purchased. If you did want to do that you could take a cruise and if you did nothing you lost your time or for a fee you could roll it over.World Ventures

Being the bargain hunter that I am, I quickly discovered that my timeshares and exchange companies were coming up very short on their promise.  One we visited quite bit on weekends(we got a lot of free coupons) because of the short distance told us about great renovations we never saw. The space was deceit, but furnishings were worn and outdated. Special bathing tub malfunctioned or just looked beat up. The RCI exchange company had many places to visit , but the ones we wanted were never available, we felt like we needed to plan a year ahead and what worked best for us was 6-4 months out. If you the math each resort only has X amount of rooms, there only 52 weeks in a year, plus the holiday blackouts you can not use. The sales people are selling the same space 365 days 8 to 10 hours daily. Can you see that pictures clearer now?

So as the the saying goes “Where there is is a will there is way” a good friend of ours out sent us a link for World Ventures by accident really.  Just out of curiosity I viewed the video and just told my wife ” No More Timeshares”. This company World Ventures is VIP travel company that provides peak travel experiences beyond the imagination. With just a one  time fee of $199.00 and $ 55.00 monthly the entire globe is in your travel library for your choosing. You receive your personal  World Ventures website to book air travel, car rentals, cruises, sport events, excursions, shopping and hotels all at discounts because World Ventures buys in bulk and pass the savings on to you. World Ventures does not spend a dime in TV or Radio Ads so the pricing will remain low and the secret will stay between us.  By the way that the monthly can be waived just by sharing the World Ventures way with 4 people and your fees are waived as long as they stay active in the club.

Imagine the time spent in your cubical looking a the pictures of vacations passed or the ones you daydream about daily. What will your children say to you, with the smiles screaming from their faces while they  lose themselves in the latest joy rides on the great trips you can now take them on.  Without breaking the bank or having summer trip bills to pay just before Christmas. There is nothing like enjoying a 5 star vacation experience at a 2 or 3 star price tag, the piece mind that brings just makes you want to do it all over again and with World Ventures you can.

Want to learn more about the World Ventures travel experience, I could tell you a whole lot more, but that would be our experience.  Let me direct you to  taste the probability to improving your reality about this new way to travel by clicking right HERE NOW!








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