I am Over Half Century Mark & This is My Mindset!

393I am Half Century + 3 & This is My Mindset!

Today! September 6, 2014 , I turned 53 years of age that is a half century +3 mark by our human calendar and boy have my mindset changed.  I am married to a wonderful sapphire of a woman, I have 2 children 29 and 22, and a 6 year old granddaughter. We live in the greater NYC area in our own home, we are educators for the both the city and state of New York. Worship at a great community based church and love to travel.

A half century ago!

What a half century does to a mindset( plus 3), I came  from a family of immigrant Haitians parents, with 2 sisters born there and myself, brother and 2 sisters were born in the U.S.A. I grew up learning two languages English and Creole.  As a sixes child  I experienced massive movements within the nation and around the world, being too young at the time to comprehend them, over my lifetime I have learned a great deal, because these events are still talking points even today. In my community, there were gang fights, social clubs, after-school centers and  youth jobs during the summer. Then along with the change gangs sort of disappeared and drugs moved in ravaging the community.

I was very fortunate

I was very fortunate to have had  many big brothers in my surroundings who always kept me out of trouble before I could not  even think about doing something wrong.  Having a large family also played a role in staying within the boundaries set for me. I went to school, the local park, on the block and back home. I started working at age 14 in a supermarket , then got my first corporate job right after high school working as a page for GOLDMAN,SACHS in 1979.  Slowly, I began to see how the private wealthy men and women of Wall St amass their wealth, while I was not positioned to duplicate their actions I did learn at thing or two. With this knowledge I tried and quit several direct sales jobs, opportunities, vowing never to get into anything like that ever again.

The first thing I noticed within my mindset was that specializing is a  key element to wealth building.  Knowledge is critical to attracting people who are looking to what you have to offer and taking action is the only activity that will allow you to communicate to others  what you have available, otherwise people  won’t know and move right pass you. Branding Yourself, INC.  is very important to avoid the culture shock of a company change or a company flop.

Since then my mindset began to recognize

Since then my mindset began to recognize with age comes wisdom and with wisdom comes adventure, I can clearly say that I am in the drivers seat as it relates to my future and the  best part is my wife and I are both committed to the same aspirations, involved in  amazing professional communities and opportunities that provide peak life experiences in the way of travel. Extraordinary training platforms that enhance our  businesses and our lives to the uttermost of probabilities.

There is so much more to share from my mindset, but one draw back of this golden age is when excited you just can not remember everything you planned to stating in the blog post. I will add this note to reference to you my reader, no matter where you are or what age you are, according to my great friend and instructor Diane Hochman there are 8 little words we can all live by: I am, I can, I will and I believe. With just these words governing your actions shifts in your life can be had, relationships broaden, freedom raining in your space instead of confinement. I invite you to take a look for yourself and make this your dream come true today.

Thanks, hope you got some value here and please share your comments!

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