MLM Secrets To Ramp Up Your Business

mlm secrets

MLM Secrets To Ramp Up Your Business

Attention all small business owners whether your business is at home or a major boulevard downtown. Here are some MLM secrets to ramp up your business.  MLM simply means multi-level-marketing and the truth be told here no matter what business model you are using, you are leveraging the efforts of others to build your success. Let me point out some evidence for you.  Lets take a major chain like TARGET, located throughout the 50 states and employs thousands of people and even 100,000 more shop in  the stores everyday. With each purchase a costumer leaves with a bag and receipt with the store logo the red bulls eye on it. While the customer is walking through the mall,in the parking lot or on their block that bag is communicating a new purchase from Target.  Anybody who sees the bag regardless of their currently disposition has just been given a passive suggestion to visit a target store and see whats new. Better, yet said customer comes home and unpacked their purchase from the box and a friend or relative sees the item and compliments it and ask where did you get that from and the answer is Target. In both cases Target has passively leveraged the customer to advertise or market their store without paying a dime to the customer who just by the spent their money with Target.

MLM Secrets

In the above paragraph I shared an example of an MLM secrets that we witness everyday, but do not connect the dot because the activity described above is termed as a retail exchange. In our MLM world in most cases there is not big building for consumers to flock to and receive their immediate gratification. Stay with me here, we offer something far greater and lasting than what is available in the retail world and to achieve this hallmark of success the secret lies in 8 little words that when used effectively and repeatedly can change your life and all that comes through you for a lifetime. Here we go the 8 words: I am, I can, I will and I believe.

While listening to a webinar done by my friend/coach Diane Hochman, she talked about the 8 words and what they mean to a person seeking to build the MLM business or any business or life pursuit. After hearing the webinar, I decided to put my spin on it and I hope you will find some value in this blog post. I will set this up into 4 parts in the hopes of really connecting with you my reader. In my opinion the are not MLM secrets, there are things you need to know and practice in the field to become successful, stand out from your competitors and being around for a long time. Without understanding these 8 words on a personal and intimate level, you won’t have success in your business.


Self-identification is a  most important attribute a person or business must have, because you want to be known for something, specialty, service, and or product. With that identity you can develop your brand. Having clarity on how you are makes it easy to communicate what you do.


What you bring to the market place is what people with know you for and others will seek you out for to get that service or product.  What you can do for others will play a major role in your success or failure.  Showing a proven record of solving problems goes a long way in establishing the recognition you need so that you can continue to grow your business.


 It is you business therefore you have got bring your A game  to the market place everyday. You will have to stay motivated, you will have to train and learn new things to improve your offerings every chance you get. You will get rejected, you will have life happen to you and you will have to overcome them at every turn. You will learn what sacrifice is all about.


Having unbreakable belief in yourself  translate to everything you touch, especially your business success. It will be your belief that will convince others that what your are offering is of value not the other way around. If you do not believe in what you are doing not matter how good that offering maybe others will use your doubt to back out from buying from you.  Your belief is directly connected to your offer, because people will bind with you then your offer. Believe this, people always buy what others brought to make themselves happy.

I trust that this blog found you open and hungry to take what you are doing to the next level, it is my hope that what you have read has got you believing that you are, you can, you will and you believe in the probability of own your success. Please leave a comment and share your successes.

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