The Most Well known Network Marketing Companies


The Most Well known Network Marketing Companies


Below you find a listing of the most famous M.L.M and network marketing companies in the States today, these are not in any order:

* Avon
* Melaleuca
* Mary Kay
* NuSkin

*Pampered Chef

These are all successful Network marketing or MLM companies who have survived. There could be over eighty MLM companies going robust today, but many thousands have failed before them.Take one or two seconds to think about the list of companies above and the goods they sell, these products were preferred 10 years ago and will likely be required by folks for the next 10 years, consequently they are known as “Evergreen” products.Kitchen equipment, cosmetics, cleaning supplies, storage products, vitamins, health-related products and cosmetics will never go out of favor.

So if the Multi Level Marketing company you are pondering joining does not have an evergreen product, you must think twice about joining.What’s popular today may not be  “so yesterday” tomorrow.  M.L.M just does not work well outside of this boundary for any length of time, which implies you will be out of a payslip quickly


So if you need your network marketing business to find success you should join a proven company with a good past record, which also offers the following:

Robust Leadership: The integrity and reputation of the firm’s management is very important.

Programs: The company must have solid sales and marketing programs for you to use, and all of the tools available for you and your down-line to use to be successful.


Coach Program: If you want help beyond the sales, marketing and training sessions the company provides, do they have an one-on-one mentor-ship program?If you can find the right mentor whom you like and trust, and who has leadership abilities, youll be staggered by the improvement of your personal successes, just with a tiny bit of individualized support.


 Three of the companies mentioned above, here‘s why theyre so successfulAmwayAmway is famous for its crazy sales conferences which energize and encourage representatives to succeed ; $8 billion in yearly sales proves that these sales conferences work. They have got an stockpile of over 450 products that cover everything from cleaning supplies to health-related products.
When becoming a distributor for Amway, unlike any other MLM companies, you do not have to purchase inventory, and if you choose to leave, the company will purchase any leftover inventory back from you. Why would anyone want to leave Amway? 
Pampered Chef


Pampered Chef is well known for its cooking demonstrations and for selling fine quality kitchen gadgets and cookware through a distribution network of somewhere in the region of seventy thousand people. Their demonstrations are naturally part of the attraction marketing model, and in addition they have raised over $7 million to help hungry people worldwide . Who can go through life without buying pots? 


Mary Kay


Mary Kay is possibly one of the most famous MLM or network marketing companies today.They have been selling customized beauty products since 1963 and their home beauty sessions need to be the epitome of “attraction marketing”. You have seen some distributors in their pink Mary Kay vehicles.


If You‘re Not a Risk Taker, Stay in the Safety Area


Are you really thinking about trying a multilevel marketing opportunity? The best guidance is to join one of those proved network marketing companies that have been around for a some time, better than 5 years or more. Too many MLM-based companies vanish within a few short years ; you have too much to risk if this is your first endeavor.


There are more than 60 million folk building a network marketing business world-wide at any time.

Most are not making any money. So what is the difference that makes the difference?


Coaching, coaching and training, glorious support and marketing, and help with everything. After you’ve gotten over the opening struggle of creating a business, having this kind of support will make it easy for you to be successful with your network marketing business online, once you have the right mindset you will be ready to succeed with the company  of your choice.


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