The Passing of Robin Williams and What it Means To the Rest of Us!

 The Passing of Robin Williams and What it Means To the Rest of Us!2603__robin_williams_

A media giant Robin Williams has again gone to soon and under painful

circumstances. Many are sadden, while others are questioning

why Robin Williams ended his life at the young age of 63, leaving behind a spouse,

children, friends and fans worldwide.

I do not have the answers to these questions and I will not attempt

to answer them. With what little I do know, clearly I see that the worstwhitney_houston-news-article21612

pain a person can experience is mental pain.

The mind is the least understood part of the human body, yet after the heart  it is the most taxed.  Neither man nor modern medicine can control it.  Without another person present at that very moment with that individual it i s hopeless to stop themselves from going through with this act. Robin Williams like some many before him and unfortunately after his death are feeling a lot of pain masked by a smile.

Michael-JacksonThe professionals indicate that environment, genetics, and or

depression can cause one to end their lives. Yet it is believed

that no person wants to die, but they surely want to end the

cycle of unending, spinning out of control pain they are feeling.

What does this mean for the rest of us, more confusion,

questions and fear or an opportunity to look into our souls

and seek that which meaningful in life like love, family,

friendship, comfort, security and balance amongst  things

that are different in there own way.

John-BelushiThere is the need to survive, I do believe we choose to

survive life because we strive to do all of the above already

mentioned. As for Robin Williams and countless others it just did

not work out that way for them.

So if we continue to be open to what is possible in life and not

allow the past pains to get a free ride into a future that was not

designed for it, we can have hope, we will have opportunity and

we can have peaceful harmony with our space.

Please share your views, I would love to hear your response!

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