What To Do If Your Company Won’t Let You Promote Online

RE: What To Do If Your Company Won’t Let
You Promote Online (By Daegan Smith)



I just got a great question in from

Shannon Hanaway, that I think you may be

interested in the answer to:

“I’ve just been advised that my MLM
company won’t allow me to promote online

Рoutside their provided template-that customers
can link back to for product information
and enrollment.

These are my products!

Am I dead in the water or do I just get
really creative?”

My Response:


Fantastic questions and by no means are2481432-5f0ad2120b2f7e67a6bf4056f306278d-fp-fada57bb710eca2a420aeba56a50e1e8
you dead in the water. You just have to
think a little bit differently about how
you introduce people to your

In all honesty, just sending people to
your companies website to learn about
your product line isn’t going to win you
many sales anyway, so it’s really more
of an non issue than you may think.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it
again. People don’t join opportunities,
they join people.

Therefore nothing that you do on the
front end of your business even needs to
ever mention your company. Let me
explain . . .

Your best prospects will always be the
doers like you. The people striving for

What do doers look for?

Information and guidance.

This is all your business on the front
end should provide. People will join you
because they “know” and you’ve proven
you can help them, not because your moon
juice is cooler than the next companies.

So on the front end, do what I do.

Create your own newsletter. Your ownblogger
lead capture page. Communicate daily.

If you get adventurous create a front
end product that solves on of your
prospects major concerns.

1. Getting more leads 2. Making more
money 3. Recruiting without rejection

Allow them to purchase it from you and
then . . .

Once all your marketing costs are paid
for by your profits, on the back-end
give you your customers a call.

Ask how you can be of further service,
naturally they’ll be inquisitive as to
what else you’re up to.

There, right there, is the time you
bring up your back end company.

You may say, but “Daegan I can’t create
a product.”

I have two answers for you.

Yes you can and you don’t even need a
product to promote online. It just makes
it easier.

Even if you were just to create your own
list online. Share stories and marketing
strategies daily, and as a call to
action at the end of your message you
said something like:

“If you’d like some personal help give
me a call between 4pm and 8pm tonight at
718.564.3212 I’ll be in the office to help”

You’ll have people ringing your phone
off the hook all day and night. Trust me
on that one.

See how we never even bring up our
company online following this
methodology? Well, that’s exactly why
you’re in no way shape or form dead in
the water.

If you’d like to learn how to either
generate a boat load of leads, create
your first front end product, or create
a daily flow of profits, there is no
better place to learn these skills than
as a part of our family.

Watch this presentation to learn
how to make that happen:

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