In the industry for 3 years and an award winning marketer. Committed to LTD, learn,training and development. My mentors in the business are Ray Higdon, Brian Fanale,Diane Hochman, Dean and Mark Black, Vince Reed. The eldest male of 7 children of Haitian immigrants, attended public schools in Brooklyn, NYC. Married and have 2 children and a grandchild, loves communicating with everybody. Strong work ethics in personal development and a certified Pranic Therapist,Network Market,Recovery Coach,  AA degree in Psychology,  Elder @ St. Paul Community Baptist Church.  Enjoys reading, travel i.e. crusing, music and dancing.  I believe regardless of what you do or the career you have we are bound to the service of others.  I serve others to build my dreams and yours too.

” We are all the same, But different!”


Your Partner in Time,
















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