Why We Joined SendOutCards?


I just wanted an easier way to stay in-touch with someone across the miles…

Why We Joined SendOutCards? Its been more that 12 months since my wife and I searched or shopped at our local discount card shop for greetings cards. For all the holidays, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and other special occasions, no not once did we need to leave our house, review the reminders on the smartphone to do such a thing. No more arriving at the right time in your mind to the card shop, only to find what looks like leftovers, especially the special days like Mothers Day, Valentines Day and Christmas. We do not miss those days either, because we use SOC now and it just became better than ever.

The Company

What the heck is SOC your wondering, SOC stands for SendOutCards, a company founded by CEO Kody Bateman (2003) and is based in Salt Lake City, Utah (American Made All the WAY). With over 100 million cards and gifts sent out it is the largest user of first-class stamps in the world. The founder Mr. Bateman believes in acting on your prompting through cards. Well that just would not work well in a lot of situations, to run to a card store as the feelings came through huh. So with technology growing in  leaps and bounds this company allows you with ease to create or chose a card or mix the two on your PC. Just select, copy and paste, drag and hit the enter key and your card will materialize at the company, they will inspect it , stamp it for mail anyplace with an address on the planet.

The Product

You can create campaigns, like Christmas cards, the dentist time for a check up, sympathy, because you create the cards once and they remain in the system ready for your use. Remember finding right card, but wrong message or the other way around, no problem. With a wide selection of cards to chose from or if they do not meet your fancy you can change them to the way you want or create the card from scratch. This is all possible with your own website to use whenever and share with others this unique concept.

Social Proof

SendOutCards My wife and I are educators, she using SendOutCards each new school year to welcome her new students to class before schools start. The company share marketing campaigns for it distributors like the gratitude challenge, for 30 days straight send a card to someone you have gratitude for something they have done for you in your life. I have sent cards to my professional colleagues after each school year and the holidays.  This concept can be used as a fundraiser in church, school and/or charity.

Whats Next

SendOutCards have launch a new concept and for reaching people on the go and right where they’re at called SENDCERE. With social media wave high into everything you do for the last decade and shows no signs of slowing down.  People everywhere if the true be told want to be feel connected, desire to see what others are doing, want to be famous and need to be validated. What currently out there through these existing social media outlets is the ability to SHARE IT, TAG IT, LIKE IT, PIN IT and now with SendOutCards you can move your cards through the outlets and that has never been done before now. I hope after reading this blog post you found value. Please share it with others and leave comments, I would love  to hear your thoughts. Your Partner in Time,
















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