Le Ties That Bind

MLM & Personal Development!




Personal development may go back in some way, shape or form since the beginnings of mankind, with all of the discovered ancient civilizations that we know about the conclusion is clear in my mind.  In our modern time it dates to the work of Wallace D. Watts, an American author of “The Science...

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What’s Up With Training?




Training is a necessary evil in our life and our business, so how can you remove the sting from training.  Look at MLSP, new and revamped for higher commissions, custom training modules for FAST results.   Watch this Video Please your comments Just $2.00 you can take or leave it. (Yeah if it doesn’t...

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What is a Daily Routine for MLM or Home Base Business?




What is a daily routine for MLM home base business? I m in a MLM home base business in fact more than one and between learning the latest marketing training or driving traffic to my business. With webinar’s on training, maintaining the new team members, Face book, Twitter, Google ranking its enough...

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