Le Ties That Bind

Team Start Living vs Timeshares (Gift Yourself Some Freedom For 2015)




No matter where you travel these days you are bound to cross paths with a timeshare rep offering a free gift or some discount tickets to a popular place that was already on your list to visit. On our first visit to CANCUN  we saw staff personnel and we thought they were transportation and within...

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Three Steps To Getting Rid of Your Timeshare!




Your Timeshare! Timeshares have been around for almost as far as I can remember hearing the term not knowing what they were and having no interest to ask questions. They have almost become interestingly a household word when it comes to vacations, because that is exactly what a timeshare is suppose...

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Why We Joined World Ventures




  Everybody regardless of their backgrounds would love to see the world in some sense or another.  Once you got the experience of travelling to another place and experience the  pure pleasure of being comfortable and free miles away from home, that experience is priceless. On a budget or not...

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