The Mindset to Have When Increasing Engagement on Facebook!?!

So many people have conversations about the mindset preparation needed to just speak to a person or group about what you do. It is equally important to prepare (MINDSET) yourself when trying to increase engagement on Facebook too. The fear of rejection will follow you everywhere and in this video I share 3 tips from 3 highly effective books that I have read that completely changed my mindset over all. And you can have this experience, because it is simple. So find a quiet space, grab your pen and paper, and just go for it.

WAIT!!! before YOU go there, let me share a quick story. 

There was a time when I was selling life/health insurance for a great company in New York and during that time the company did not do television Ads like its competition, however it did run ads in magazines. The company training was excellent, product knowledge does not translate well with needs based selling. At that time (mindset)I did not understand the principle of making the best with what I had, daily I wished the company would just do TV ads. In my mind the increased exposure would help everybody. 

Then some good friends told me about a program that works over a weekend study, I did the course and the best thing about doing the course is that it change my mindset and I started read more self-help books that continued to increase my professional and personal development.

Let me know what your thoughts are by sharing a comment either and I will see you on the inside.

There are links for said books for your pleasure:

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Willy February 15, 2016 Mindset