Three Steps To Getting Rid of Your Timeshare!


Your Timeshare!

Timeshares have been around for almost as far as I can remember hearing the term not knowing what they were and having no interest to ask questions. They have almost become interestingly a household word when it comes to vacations, because that is exactly what a timeshare is suppose to be about right. The great savings over the crazy pricing of the average hotel room stay or cruise. The convenience of having your vacation on a spot anywhere YOU want to be in the world with no lines, inconveniences, and the best  YOU are treated like a ROCKSTAR!

If your timeshare plan is a studio, 1 or 2 bedroom with kitchen, washer/dryer, off the chain decor; plus the value of your TIMESHARE  are in weeks or points. Oh I almost forgot the exchange companies R C I, I.C.E. ,S.F.X., Interval International these are the more popular ones and there are more I might guess. The exchange companies that can exchange your weeks or points for other exotic places your host spot may not have or you dealing with a RED  or a Blue week.

Remember during your 90 minutes presentation

Remember during your 90 minute presentation the sales agent/in-house Realtor made it seem it was to so easy the use your timeshare and promised huge discounts with your airfare too. Some folks paid the full freight up front and even got DEEDED property and the rest got the anybody can qualify credit @ 22 or more percent, plus maintenance every year, odd or even year.

Well its 6 months to a year later and something has gone very wrong, the honeymoon is over and life/reality sets in you all of a sudden find yourself unable to plan, visit, the places you want to stay at.  The resort you saw in the R C I magazine, the discounts are a joke and you are wondering what happen to the timeshare deal you brought into. Then you discover that you can even get better deals through the online travel sites.

So after paying all the bills and realize that a couple of thousand bucks just went to them and you do not have a vacation sun tan to show for it, you begin to wonder what can be done. You run to the portfolio and find numbers to the agencies the sales person told would be able to rent your timeshare with no problem , but they want money too upfront. (Seems like nobody trust YOU) So you fork it over and they fail to deliver or go out of business or change the company name. You go online looking for help and you find sharks looking to make more promises of the unkempt kind.

If I have touched your last nerve

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If I have touched your last nerve, PLEASE read on I got some recommendations for you and there is a simple way to use, but not easy because you must understand you signed a legal document, however one-sided it is, you can get rid on this negative CASH COW for good. There a good article in The Washington Post   that can direct you  and there is T.U.G. this is a non-profit community that shares great information on the industry for an annual membership of just $15.00.

You can take matters into your own hands understanding that to accomplished this your credit will take a hit of some points. Having said that I had fair credit and for those of you who have excellent credit consultant your accountant/lawyers for details. My mind was clear, because we had 3 different properties with the maintenance and financed mortgages we were kicking out close to $5000.00 a year and that would go on forever .

Again in our case in 2014 our basement got flooded with 16 inches of sewage/water and we sustain over $20,000 dollars in space damage not including personal items he had in there which was about another $20,000. By this time we had only one timeshare left I had successfully got rid of 2 prior using the same method.

Step 1 we made the decision to stop the auto withdrawal and end the monthly payments.

Step 2 we sent a type letter explaining our permanent hardship and this was a luxury item we could not longer afford.

Step 3 we answered every phone call and letter with the same letter we mailed out the first time.

Please understand this is a profit business that does not deliver on the promise they verbally state, they hold all the cards in their favor in my humble opinion.  As you walk out of the door with the timeshare contract in hand, they are selling the same exact space to someone else 7 days a week and there is only 52 weeks in a year, you do the math.

I do not argue against timeshare concept, I just do not like the one way policies that governed the industry it is  just not a WIN/WIN deal at anytime except during the presentation and once you have signed the contract you start to bleed green.

It is my hope that this blog was of some value, please share your comments I would love to hear them or just call or email me I will respond.

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