Free Webinars on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for Network/Online Marketers

 Free Webinars on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for Network/Online Marketers

webinarsEveryday that you can LEARN something new to enhance your business is a good thing, after all what you have just learned there is something somebody that does not know, what yoy know. There are hundreds of new opportunities opening daily, which means new people in the business looking for answers that will lead them to business success. That puts you in the drivers seat and builds your credibility and authority immensely in this industry. The more knowledge you gain the better your content and value you bring to the market place or your team.

There are different ways to gain knowledge to improve your grasp of this online business. Reading books, audio CDs, DVDs, Videos or tapes,the content is rich and to hammer it home into your subconscious mind, you can review them over and over again. For the most part you will learn about the origins of  your company or the industry, however when you need to know about growing trends, new software, automation, product launches. These events or things happens in real time and your best bet is to be on the WEBINARS.

All top earners and companies conduct webinars for training, mindset or product launching. Well, one great company created by network marketers for network marketers has been conducting free industry wide WEDNESDAY webinars every week since 2009. The founders truly believe that giving value drives the market place and makes it better. These webinars on WEDNESDAYS @ 9 PM EST cover content like Social Media, Article Marketing, Back linking, SEO, Marketing Strategies, Craigslist, Google Ad Words, Keyword Research, Attraction Marketing, Lead Generation, Prospecting, Blogging, and Video Marketing, plus a whole lot more. Each WEDNESDAYS webinar is lead by a different leader in the field.

The TUESDAY webinar is just as pack fill with content and value, but it is more of an intimate setting, lead by the ATTRACTION MARKETING QUEEN Diane Hochman. If you do not know who she is just Google her, with just one webinar experience with Diane I bet my last dollar you will follow her, and break your neck to be on any webinars or call she is doing. This webinar is called  Ultimate Freedom Webinars With Diane Hochman From Engagement To Enrollment, every Tuesday at 3:00 PM est. Why at 3:pm because Diane attracts several 100 UK and Londoners as well and this call was set up the accommodate their time schedule, so its a nice mix as well. This is also free and open to anyone open minded and hungry for change and growth in the business.


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