What is a Daily Routine for MLM or Home Base Business?

What is a daily routine for MLM home base business?

I m in a MLM home base business in fact more than one and between learning the latest marketing training or driving traffic to my business. With webinar’s on training, maintaining the new team members, Face book, Twitter, Google ranking its enough to pull your skulk out (I am bald)lol.


Bottom line, going after all of the above; it can be very overwhelming and will definitely kill your link to productivity. The purpose of doing this type of business is to earn MONEY. Every top money earner is engaged and committed to a method that generates earning power in their respective businesses.  It is called a routine.

The word routine defined in Webster Dictionary: is a regular course of procedure; habitual or mechanical performance of an established procedure. Two words grab my attention in this definition that is the words regular and habitual.

This leads me to a video I watched produced by( the value man, my nick name for Ray)  Mr. Ray Higdon.  Ray passionately lays out a routine that guarantees success.  What I love about this routine is that it only works well if you do it.  Ray quickly removes the fantasy involved in this business relating to the overnight success syndrome. He shares a quote for a top earner “commitment is doing what you say you are doing to do long after the desire to do it has long gone”. The word commitment encompasses both habit and regular by activity and not wishful thinking.

Ray goes on to say your routine must be 75% profit producing activities and that will  show up in your business.  Ask yourself did your actions connect you with new people, providing value or are you prospecting personally everyday.  Whether you are part-time or full- time no routine, no growth, no growth in your business spells defeat and quitting.

Something Ray said that stopped me dead in my tracks. I work full time as an educator as well as involve with other things. So in my head I’m thinking I need more time to run the business, maybe do this full time.  Well on this video Mr. Higdon bust my bubble by clearly stating “if you cannot grow your business part time, things won’t get any better doing it full time ”. That make complete sense because I currently did not have a routine, I was reacting to my business, the training and the industry.  I learned during this 45 minutes video how to focus all my efforts toward a routine that will with commitment bring me the results I so want to have in my primary business.

Why a routine, because in every organized facet in the universe there is a routine. The Sun rises and sets every day the result we have life, crops and seasons to enjoy. The best of organized sports go through the routine of training, practice and win championships.  With a routine of using active and passive marketing  relevant and value base I will become a top earner doing exactly what I love and so will you.

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Willy April 22, 2013 Mindset, network marketing