What is Multi Level Marketing?

What is exactly is Multi Level Marketing?

Almost everywhere on the internet, in your conversations is talk about M L M, which stands for Multi Level Marketing.  So what is multi level marketing ? There are many companies that are leading the industry by this very medium and yes it is a people industry.  There is more than 10 billion dollars exchanging hands in this industry and may I add it is global.

There are  many great companies providing great services and products that have change peoples lives both financially and life quality as well.  Yeah go figure using Multi Level Marketing and not for nothing the industry like ALL industries has taken a black eye because of a few bad apples.

When YOU take the time to do the research and find the one that fits your DNA.

But when YOU take the time to do the research and find the one that fits your DNA, plus find the right training tools OMG!  The training is critical to your SUCCESS in YOUR BU$INE$$ and guest what I got the ANSWER to the training woes YOUR company is not providing to YOU right NOW!

Clearly what must you have in your training packet, from the start is training material that is clearly labeled, color coded and ledge able, why you must understand it before you can teach it and port it as duplicate training. Which means that anyone who wants to do this can actually do it and have success by and large.

I know you wonder just like I did,what is multi level marketing?residual_income

I know you wonder just like I did, how in the heck does the Ray Higdon, Mark Hoverson, Brandon Banchard, Eric Worre and the list goes on. These industry leaders have huge teams, in fact in primary company 2 chaps just went “TRIPLE IMD”(international marketing director/our highest rank in the company) that means they have teams numbering 10,000 plus. Yeah, so imagine a team that deep, well the answer is in duplication and plugging into your companies training.

You got to recognized no matter how well you are doing in your business, your personality, style, technique or whatever that brings you success will not translate to another because there is no recording, therefore no review. Without the ability to review there is no retention, no retention no duplication and if you cannot duplicate the training, you cannot duplicate the success and that means NO MONEY! Which by the way it the number one reason why your team fails and eventually quit your multi level marketing opt. NOBODY can train a 100,000 people all by themselves. You can talk to that many people, but you cannot train them.

The gift of multi level marketing is the ability to leverage the labor of your team

The gift of multi level marketing is the ability to leverage the labor of your team which is the heart of your business. Through multi level marketing there is real freedom, and a great opportunity waiting for your very soul; providing you just do not quit! The key to this industry  is to say the course UNTIL success meets you at the front door. We all as humans crawled on all fours to get away, then stood up to take the first unguided step and fell. But we each wanted to walk like our parents and siblings, so we got up and tried again and again UNTIL we got it.

This profession will get better one marketer at a time, this industry will become the second coming. There was a time when it was common for people to make a living from home and not have to leave your homes for hours on end, away from your family, YOU must reclaim that old feeling,that experience and I believe there is a great calling for you in our industry right now!

I hope you found value in this post, leave comments and dig deep, learn and provide value to the market place, see you on the inside.


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