What will happen @ Live the Dream V in 2014?












Now that ‘LTDV’ is upon us… new leaders will be born, and we want that next leader to be YOU!!…

This coming Wednesday July 2nd at 9PM Eastern…we’re going to have some of MLSP’s and the industry’s

TOP EARNERS on our Weekly Training Webinar to give YOU the behind-the-scenes inside-scoop on

the Live the Dream events….

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I want to share with you the great experiences I have gain from attending this event and this one in Austin,

Texas will be my 3rd one. For starters whatever strategies I was using prior to the event were enhance or

changed when the event closed.

Before I had to have my hands into everything trying to find the right mix to make my business grow and

you know it  “make money”.

And the best part is everybody is on point, the presenters provide great value and the variety of people

that attend are so friendly and that alone is worth the event, because it broadens your scope by meeting

new people and building new professional relationships.

As of the last event that was held in San Diego 2013 my wife and I rank advance in June 2014, still working

full-time as educators, so the sky is limitless.


This is a strong community of the best the online marketers, leaders in our industry in my opinion and this

companies leadership is sound.

Every Wednesday there is a webinar to be had and great value given away for F.REE, so do not miss an

opportunity to grow YOU, by passing this up because you thought that there is a quick track to success.

No body has found it and those the believe they have did not last long enough to share social proof of it



Yours Sincerely,

Willy Legagneur








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