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No matter where you travel these days you are bound to cross paths with a timeshare rep offering a free gift or some discount tickets to a popular place that was already on your list to visit. On our first visit to CANCUN  we saw staff personnel and we thought they were transportation and within minutes we were scheduled for a presentation before we left the airport terminal.

We got to our to our room and the appointment for our 90 minute presentation the next day was in the morning. They picked us up as promised and took us to the presentation.  We met a well dressed woman.  She showed us around the grounds and explained everything we wanted to know to get in on this one time offer, that could not be offered ever again in life, so we brought a studio (2 weeks) it was just the two of us.  We were given the exchange company, rental company and for our time a bottle of tequila and a day trip to famous ruins of Mayan civilization. We visited Las Vegas the gambling state and brought again and went to PA one weekend and brought again for this one we had the points value system. So now with the 3 properties we have access to it all and with the exchange companies of RCI and I.C.E.  at our reach, you could not tell us nothing about vacationing at the best resorts money can buy, so we thought.

In the timeshare world as it was carefully explained to us whatever weeks you buy along with the size of the space you “owned” when YOU decided YOU did not want to visit that place where you purchased from you could exchange your week(s)or points for another place anywhere on the planet or do a cruise. You paid an annual membership fee plus the maintenance every year for as long a you live, you could transfer to next of kin or children. By the way these were non-deeded deals and that info is for another blog post. The great financing options @ 26% for easy manageable payments of $110.00 dollars a month and who knows we could be paying from my nursing home when were 90.   So with the power owning 3 timeshare (points and weeks) and two exchange companies you would think that when it came time to plan a vacation it would be easy, we were so ventures

The exchange companies I.C.E and RCI sole purpose is to exchange your weeks or points at a discount for hotels,car rentals, airline fares, other resorts and cruises. They also have their own membership fees and you had to pay a fee for the exchanges too. I did my shopping around the discounts they gave to (you) their members was just about 10 % and in one case they could not beat or match  price for 1 night at 3 star hotel in P.R.

We are educators and have a lots of time off throughout the year, this was the last blow for us. When it came to advance planing of our trips it seems like you needed to do it a year in advance and 4 or 6 months out was just not enough time to get the premium spots we sort. It was time to let them go, so one by one we did our research trying to find companies that would rent or sell our places  and we had good properties.  A year later and the lost of $900.00 we were done with timeshares and like magic other companies kept calling us with the promise of selling or renting our properties  out of the wood work. We took a couple of vacations on a charter vessel 2 years straight, so we lost out completely and got nothing in return.  There are so many people drowning themselves with these experiences giving the timeshare money and not using it.

Then like magic a good friend sent me a link for this travel club called Team Start Living. I watched the video and just told me wife no more timeshares we are joining this travel club. We go rid of all the timeshare legally and yes took a hit against our credit, but in the long run wasting an average $4200.00 a year for a one time payment of $199.00 and $55.00 per month. Plus the monthly payments converts  into points you can use the following  year to get deeper discounts of your travel, it was a no brainer for us. Yeah here is the math $969.00 vs 4200.00.

Here is what you can have for starters NO CONTRACT, you pay the $199.00 one time and $55.00 per month.  Team Start Living does what they term DREAMTRIPS all over the world at huge savings and you as a member can book your very on trips like you now do with the popular websites available to you now. The difference is you pay discount retail and Team Start Living gives you discount wholesale for your membership dollars. Membership has its privileges like car rentals, cruises, excursions and AIR FARE. A mobile app to get discounts on place where ever you are with a signal on your smart phone. Airport transportation to and from your stay (Dreamtrips only) and a lot more, would be cheating you terribly if I told you, because then you would only see it from my eyes. Once you see it for yourself, you be able to make a sound decision yes or no, with no pressure and fear of lost tactics.

The company is 9 years old and growing everyday, now your thinking what the difference here. Wellblack-couple-vacation the biggest timeshare property has X amount of rooms so when they are booked that’s it, when World Ventures does a dreamtrips with an averages of 12,000 members strong they just book more resorts and that brings bigger discounts for you the member. Its a WIN WIN that anyone can appreciate.

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Thanks for reading the blogpost this is a personal journey for me and I hope you found it has some value. Please leave your comment and if you are experiencing that nightmare with a timeshare , just contact me, I can help.


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